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UPP C6 Fuel System

UPP C6 Fuel System

This kit features -6an stainless steel fuel lines that tap directly into the fuel tank, -6an inline filter, an Aeromotive check valve, a fuel pressure regulator, fuel return lines, relay, Hobbs switch (5psi) and now with an AEM 380LPH fuel pump! This system works in conjunction with your factory fuel system. Up until 5psi your factory system works completely independent, and UNTOUCHED! After 5psi the secondary pump kicks on, more than doubling your fuel supply.

The system is relatively easy to install, with a -6an bulkhead in the fuel tank. All lines and wiring are routed through the transmission tunnel. And the additional feed plugs directly into the -4an (factory) fitting on the fuel rail!


Now features AEM's 380 fuel pump!

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