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A little about SS LSX

We mainly specialize in Corvette performance but we are your one stop shop for all of your Late model GM performance parts needs. Specializing in LSX based EFI tuning and parts installation. From stock to all out race applications. From Clutch installations to Camshaft and Power Adder installation and tuning. We can do it all.....

Stephen's Story

Just to give a little insight on the owner here at SS LSX, He is a hard working family man with a wife and two kids. If you are ever at a track event you will see them all. Stephen is what they call a gear head by heart with it being passed down through both sides of his family. Stephen started his business as a hobby on the side because he found it to be enjoyable. Soon people from all over started to bring their cars. So he decided to make it his full time job and now What once was a hobby has turned in to an full blown business with 4 employees and lots of customers from all over the United States. With out the love and support of the customers he would not be where he is today, doing a job he loves.

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