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A&A 1997-1998 Corvette High Capacity Fuel System

A&A 1997-1998 Corvette High Capacity Fuel System

We designed a secondary fuel system for both early and late models that does not require dropping the tank and will supply enough fuel for your 600- 700 or 800 RWHP project.

The system comes with preassembled stainless braided lines, wire harness, return regulator with polished mounting bracket, high capacity pump, filter and all necessary fittings. Both the fuel pressure and the boost level at which the pump turns on are fully adjustable. We use genuine Hobbs switches. The regulator can also be “boost referenced” so that the fuel pressure rises as the boost pressure rises. This system, by itself, is generally good for approx. 750 RWHP. For horsepower levels above this, we simply wire in the fuel pump booster to the big pump.

This becomes a 3-stage fuel system. Under normal driving conditions, the factory pump is running and the big pump is off. At 3# of boost (adjustable) the big pump turns on and takes over. At 5# of boost (adjustable) the booster kicks in, spinning the big pump faster and further increasing fuel capacity. The beauty of this system is that only the factory pump runs under most driving conditions. Running a secondary pump or dual in tank pumps full time only serves to heat up the fuel and cause its own set of problems. Those setups are also terribly annoying. Listening to a noisy fuel pump singing all the time will drive you nuts! Our system is seamless and quiet. You’ll never hear the pump as it only comes on under hard throttle conditions, when it’s needed. There is a custom built check valve installed so that the system does not "bleed off" when the car is shut off. This means that the car will start right up after being shut off. Some aftermarket systems bleed the pressure off and require that the starter be cranked for 5 seconds or more to build pressure back up in the lines.

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